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Then in 2008 everything changed. For many, it felt like overnight the risk involved in property investment became far more acute…although for a select few, we already knew it was!

Building a successful portfolio that allowed an investor to be successful and achieve their goals, whilst mitigating that risk, suddenly became much more difficult. It required forethought, insight and access: three things that new investors struggle to realise.

Throughout the period that followed, we continued to add to the experience, knowledge and network of agents that was required to continue building our investments and now own a portfolio worth millions of pounds.

However, the most valuable thing that came from this experience was the birth of GPS Property. Myself and my team now have the privilege of working with investors from all over the world, from all types of backgrounds and acting as their “Trusted Business Partner”. At GPS we help our clients to achieve their property investment goals.

As we all know, buying a property in the UK is relatively easy but here’s the thing… It’s due to this ease that so many investors fail – and fail big!

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