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Negotiating Purchase


Imagine you were buying a used car. You know roughly what you want, and the sort of price you want to pay, but you’re not particularly knowledgeable about car mechanics, you only have a vague idea about the car market and you have no relationship with any local dealers. You know that it’s in the interest of the dealer to sell you a car for the highest price possible, and you know that he holds all the cards: he tells you that his price is fair, he tells you that the condition is good and he assures you that it’s the right vehicle for you. Now imagine that you had a friend to find and purchase the car on your behalf. This friend is a car expert. He knows all the pitfalls and can spot a bad purchase from a mile away. He knows the true value of every car and he knows how often they come on the market. What’s more he knows all the local dealers and regularly buys cars from all of them so they are happy to negotiate with him. He also has inside knowledge about cars that are going to be coming up for sale soon.

Now imagine you were buying a property – a much more expensive purchase. Re- read the paragraph above and swap ‘car’ for ‘property’.

How good would it be to have a friend who could do this on the property market; someone who could spot a good purchase and had close relationships with all the local agents and vendors? This is exactly what GPS Property is to its many clients worldwide- someone for them to rely on, their Trusted Business Partner.

The true value of knowing the market

To get a good price you have to understand the true value of a property and to understand that, you have to know the market inside out. GPS Property have been buying properties for over 10 years. We know exactly what a property is worth, both in its face value and in terms of the returns it will bring over the lifetime of the investment. Our clients know that when they are buying a property, they are getting it at a price that will allow them to realise their investment goals, whatever they may be.

The art of negotiation

When the average person buys a property, more often than not the typical timeline looks like this: spend hours searching for a property, finally find a suitable property, contact the agent/vendor, view the property and finally, negotiate a price. This typical routine may have worked in the past but we, at GPS Property, know property investing has changed dramatically. Due to this, we have developed a highly successful process whereby negotiations start well before the end of the process. This is because the right property is only the right property when it’s at the right price – so why waste time prolonging the process to discover in the end it’s not suitable? Before we do anything, we make sure the vendor knows that they’re going to give us a discounted price. Sowing this seed early on makes the final round of negotiations much easier. Of course this requires a good relationship with the vendor in the first place, and that’s why investors all over the world rely on GPS Property to negotiate on their behalf.

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