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Full Property Management

Rent collection & arrears management

Consistent rental income is vital to any property investment plan.  But how do you do this when historically over a third of all UK landlords experience rent arrears each and every year? Collecting unpaid rent can be stressful, both for the tenant and property owner but at GPS Property we make it easy.  We deal with any issues on behalf of our clients and by carefully vetting all of our tenants before they are accepted, we vastly reduce the chance of tenants slipping into arrears for our clients.

Property maintenance

Every property requires on-going maintenance.  Managing the maintenance of even a small investment portfolio can be a full time job.  Nobody gets into investing to become a handyman but for many investors that’s what happens.  At GPS Property we provide a complete maintenance management service for all of our clients, freeing them up to lead the life they want to live.

Emergency issues

Imagine getting a call on Christmas morning about a broken boiler.  As the property owner you are responsible for all emergency issues that arise on your property.  At GPS Property we take on that responsibility, removing all the unexpected hassles that are traditionally associated with letting a property.  We provide a single point of contact for your tenants so you will never get a phone call in the middle of the night, or the middle of the day for that matter!  Tenants contact us directly and we fix any issues to pre-agreed requirements with yourself, whenever and wherever they might arise.

Need to talk it over first?

Sometimes you need advice from someone with real experience. We are always on hand to talk through whatever advice you need.

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