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Finding the Right Properties

Begin with the end in mind

What do you hope to achieve from your property investments? Why are you investing in property rather then alternative investments? What sort or returns do you expect and over what timeframe? By answering these and many other questions, we can determine which properties will help you reach those goals and which will not. It is important to understand that not all properties are created equal. Not all investments will help you reach your targets or give back what you need them to. Investing in the wrong properties is a critical mistake made by many new and also experienced investors. GPS Property removes the risk. Our extensive experience and in-depth market knowledge allows us to identify the properties that meet our clients’ needs. And our clients know that every property they add to their portfolio will be a true asset, giving the returns they need in the time frame they want.

The right time

Every successful investor knows that the time to invest is NOW. Successful investment of any sort means buying right – and this can be done at any time. Many investors are forced to rely on luck, the worst strategy you can employ. At GPS Property we have been embedded within the market for over a decade. We keep a watchful eye on every single thing that can affect an investment, we ride the trends and strive to understand the implications of law and tax changes long before they come into effect. We use all of this to help our clients buy the right property at any point in time, allowing them to maximise the return on their investment.

The right price

Sometimes a property can meet all of the required criteria: location, tenant appeal, rental income, potential appreciation in value, but how do you know you’re buying at the right price? How do you know the TRUE value of a property? Many investors base their theory of pricing on an agents valuation or just what was sold in the area historically – but what if we said that sometimes paying an asking price is the right thing to do? How do you know if an agent has valued the price of the property high or low? How would you like to buy all of your properties safe in the knowledge from day one that the property you’re buying is the right one at the right price?

At GPS Property we know how to value properties for investment purposes; we know when to walk away and we are also expert negotiators. What’s more, because we buy so many properties, agents and vendors are happy accept offers from us that they wouldn’t accept from other buyers because they know they will be selling multiple properties to us over the year and most importantly when we say Yes it means yes, allowing the seller to make plans to move forward in the quickest time possible.

Need to talk it over first?

Sometimes you need advice from someone with real experience. We are always on hand to talk through whatever advice you need.

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