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Finding Suitable Tenants

Making it quick

The last thing that any landlord wants is a property sitting empty.  The longer it takes to find a tenant, the less return is made on the investment.  Finding a tenant quickly is crucial, but so is finding one you can trust.  Having to let your property to an unsuitable tenant because time runs out is a common problem and can lead to big issues further down the line.  At GPS Property we keep a constantly updated list of vetted candidates currently seeking property to let.  This means we can fill a property with a reliable, trustworthy tenant at the drop of a hat, taking away any stress from the property owner and greatly reducing any time the property sits empty.

Making it easy

Do you know how to spot a good tenant from a bad one?  Do you have the skills and experience to asses a person’s potential?  Do you have the time and assets available to run background checks?  Do you live close enough to the property to meet and interview potential tenants?  At GPS Property we help investors from all over the world find suitable tenants for their properties.  We make the whole process of letting a property easy, freeing up their time and allowing our clients to focus on what’s important: building their investments.

Making it safe

When you let your property you are bringing new people into your life.  The world of letting is rife with horror stories about unsuitable tenants.  You need to be able to feel safe and secure when interacting with the people who are renting your property.  At GPS Property we not only vet each and every one of our tenants, but we also take care of every interaction, from rent collection to dealing with day-to-day and emergency issues.  We act on your behalf in every instance, removing all the stress from letting a property.

Need to talk it over first?

Sometimes you need advice from someone with real experience. We are always on hand to talk through whatever advice you need.

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