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What Makes a Successful Investor?

Identifying the right investment

Choosing the right property is one of the main skills of the property investor.  The right property is one that allows you to achieve your investment goals.  Of course, understanding if a property has the potential to deliver is a skill won through experience.  Many investors struggle because they fail to identify properties that have the potential to give them the returns they want and they end up buying properties that simply cannot deliver what they need. 

GPS Property has the knowledge and experience to present to you only the properties that will ensure you achieve your goals.

Understanding yourself

Investments of any kind carry risk and property investment is no different.  It is often said that the greater the risk, the greater the reward but taking on risk often means taking on stress.  Different people are able to cope with risk in different ways. Some people are able to take it in their stride but for others, any future reward is outweighed by the ongoing anxiety that comes with committing to an uncertain path. A successful investor understands and accepts his or her own personality, and only makes investments that they are comfortable with.  They balance the risk with the reward and weigh up the cost, be it in terms of capital investment, time or any of a hundred other factors, with the reward.  At GPS Property we spend the time getting to know our clients so we can guide them towards the investments that best suit them.

Understanding the difference between a property investor and a landlord

Whether your goal is to grow your savings, enhance your retirement income or simply make more money, you want your investments to work for you.  The reality for many investors however is often the opposite. They quickly find themselves trapped; working for their properties, unwittingly becoming full-time landlords.  Successful investors understand that being a property investor does not mean dealing with the day to day running of rental properties.  They outsource everything: finding tenants, rent collection, property maintenance.  GPS Property take away all the hassle of running a property portfolio. Our clients never have to worry about getting a call in the middle of the night telling them that the boiler is broken.  This gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus their energy on whatever they choose- not what their properties are dictating to them.

Treating property investment as a business

Property investment is a business.  The successful investor approaches it as a business person, making decisions based on well-defined short and long terms goals.  They see each property as an asset, do not become emotionally attached to them, choosing instead to focus on the black and white of profit and loss.  They understand that like any business there may be fallow periods; properties may sit empty, and they accept this and mitigate against it with careful planning.  They measure their success not against monthly returns but against short and long term goals.  Not everyone is a business person, but here’s the thing – our clients don’t have to be because here at GPS Property we approach everything we do with a clear business brain, lending them the benefit of our years of experience and success.

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